The Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum is a joint initiative of academics across the law schools of the Scottish universities. 

It seeks to provide an independent framework within which the key questions concerning Scotland's constitutional future can be aired and addressed.


The forum's main aims are to:

  • MAP the present constitutional debate by identifying and addressing the wide range of questions which have to be answered if Scotland's future is to be considered in a measured and comprehensive manner;
  • INFORM the debate by providing expert evidence, analysis and opinion from the Scottish legal academic community and beyond; and
  • ENGAGE in the debate by encouraging the participation of a wide range of groups and interests in a constitutional process the success of which depends on the breadth and depth of public involvement.

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Challenge on the Environment to the Referendum Campaigns

Several months ago the umbrella environment group Scottish Environment Link put up on its website a 10 point referendum challenge.  The 'Better Together' responses to the 10 challenges have just been added and the responses from the 'Yes' campaign are promised for 23 September 2013.


Royal Society of Edinburgh/British Academy: Enlightening the Constitutional Debate

The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the British Academy are holding a series of ten events entitled Enlightening the Constitutional Debate. Please see the Royal Society's website for further details.

Forthcoming Events

No forthcoming events.

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Neil Walker: Hope and Risk: The Two Sides of Both Coins

Time is now running out for us all in the referendum debate, so I will keep this as short as I can.  I hold many of the same views as  my friends and colleagues Christine Bell and Aileen McHarg, both of whom have just posted on our common  SCFF blog site detailed, well–argued and  heart-felt  cases for preferring the much-discussed uncertainties of ‘Yes’ to the newly minted uncertainties of  the eleventh hour ‘Vow’ of Better Together.  

Aileen McHarg: The Vow: Vote No for More Devo

Today’s papers carry the text of a pledge by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg that a No vote in Thursday’s referendum is not a vote for the status quo.  Rather, they claim, a No vote will mean ‘faster, safer and better change’ to the devolution settlement than a Yes vote would bring.

Christine Bell: Thoughts of an 'Ordinary Mum' on Devo Max Versus Independence

It’s the morning.  I’ve got the kids out the door, a cup of tea in my hand.  Aahh, I’ve time to think.  In fact, I also work full time as Professor of Constitutional Law, so sometimes thinking is part of my job. But this is personal.  I have a vote to cast and my kids, and a lot of other people’s future, appears to lie on it.  And the tea helps more than the constitutional law – we have been off all constitutional charts for some time now.