The Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum is a joint initiative of academics across the law schools of the Scottish universities. 

It seeks to provide an independent framework within which the key questions concerning Scotland's constitutional future can be aired and addressed.


The forum's main aims are to:

  • MAP the present constitutional debate by identifying and addressing the wide range of questions which have to be answered if Scotland's future is to be considered in a measured and comprehensive manner;
  • INFORM the debate by providing expert evidence, analysis and opinion from the Scottish legal academic community and beyond; and
  • ENGAGE in the debate by encouraging the participation of a wide range of groups and interests in a constitutional process the success of which depends on the breadth and depth of public involvement.

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Iain Jamieson: The Repeal of the Human Rights Act and the Sewel Convention in Scoltand

In his otherwise excellent entry to the UKCLA blog, Mark Elliot states that the repeal of the Human Rights Act (“HRA”) by itself, without anything more, such as its replacement by a British Bill of Rights or the withdrawal of the UK from the ECHR, would not trigger the Sewel Convention which would normally require the consent of the Scottish Parliament. However, I suggest that there may be at least 4 possible arguments for thinking otherwise.

Heather Green: The Alistair Carmichael Election Petition: the Leak, the Lie and Legal Remedies

On Friday 29 May 2015, the last possible day for lodging an election petition following the May 7 general election, some electors from Orkney and Shetland commenced their legal challenge trying to unseat Alistair Carmichael MP.

Christine Bell: Human Rights Act Repeal and Devolution: Quick Points and Further Resources on Scotland and Northern Ireland

In the past few days repeal of the Human Rights Act, and in particular its devolution implications have attracted a lot of attention.  To-day a new report is launched from a legal expert seminar in April 2015, on the legal implications of repeal of the human rights act (see below).  The report provides the full chapter and verse, but here are a few quick points on the devolution implications, with further more detailed and reasoned resources below.