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After the Referendum: Constitutional Change in the Event of a No Vote

28 January 2014 - Senate Room, Main Building, University of Glasgow (13.30 - 17.30)

This is the second of two workshops exploring the implications of a referendum for Scotland’s constitution.  The first workshop, which took place on 13 November, focused on the constitutional implications of a yes vote; this second workshop will discuss what constitutional changes might nevertheless be desirable in the event of a no vote.

If the vote were to be against independence, it does not follow that there would be no further change in Scotland’s constitutional position within the UK. The political effect of a no vote might be to discourage any further adjustment to the constitution. On the other hand, since the independence option would effectively have been ruled out for a number of years, there might be more focus on the adequacy of the current devolution settlement. We should also remember that the Scotland Act 2012 provided for significant changes to the financing of devolution including a Scottish rate of income tax and changes to the block grant, but these changes have not yet taken effect.

This workshop will, therefore, explore some of the key issues that will arise if Scotland stays in the union including: implementing the new financial regime under the Scotland Act 2012; the future of public services in Scotland; what should be the process for any further constitutional reform in the UK; devolution and reform of the House of Commons; inter-governmental relations within the UK and; Scotland-EU relations.

The event is open to all and attendance is free of charge, but registration is required.  To register, please visit Eventbrite.

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