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The Human Rights Question: What Sort of Scotland and What Sort of Constitutional Future

01 May 2013 - City Chambers, Glasgow (10 am - 4 pm)

This is the second of two seminars on human rights and Scotland's constitutional future organised by the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Human Rights Consortium Scotland, Glasgow Human Rights Network, and Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network.

This seminar will examine how those involved in civil society groups are working to promote and protect rights, and consider the extent to which the referendum context affects this work.  The seminar will consider questions such as: whether groups conceive of, and articulate their work in human rights terms, or in other terms?  To what extent are human rights issues seen as important to the constitutional debate? Are human rights particularly served by one constitutional future or another?  How might human rights be useful to articulating a vision of the future that might inform constitutional development in Scotland, whether through an on-going development of devolution, or an alternative constitutional future?

Registration for this event is now open via Eventbrite.

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