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Entries for January 2013

Elisenda Casenas-Adams: Another Independence Referendum in 2014? Recent Developments in Catalonia

Last week the Catalan Parliament adopted a ‘Declaration of Sovereignty of the Catalan People’, as the first step in its plan of ‘National Transition’, leading up to the holding of a referendum on the constitutional future of Catalonia in 2014.



John Kerr: The Other Union: Scotland and the EU

The European Union dimension of the coming Scottish Independence debate is perhaps best approached by asking:

  • What kind of Union will it then be, and will Britain's position in it have changed?
  • Should an independent Scotland want to be in the Union?
  • Would an independent Scotland be welcome in the Union?
  • Would becoming an independent member be difficult, or costly?



Aileen McHarg: Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum Seminar on Energy Policy and Constitutional Change

On 18 January, the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum held its second public event – a seminar at the University of Strathclyde on Energy Policy and Constitutional Change.