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Entries for February 2013

Zoran Oklopcic: Drafting Independence: the Catalan Declaration of Sovereignty and the Question of the Constituent Power of the People in Context

On January 23, 2013 the Catalan Parliament adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty and Right to Decide of the Catalan People.[1] The Declaration proclaims ‘the people of Catalonia’ to be ‘a sovereign political and legal subject’ with a ‘right to decide … their collective political future’.



Christine Bell and Fiona MacKay: Women and Constitutional Debates: Engendering Visions of a New Scotland

Debates leading up to the creation of the Scottish parliament demonstrated the huge potential to galvanise thinking about political change and the promotion of gender equality.   However, women's voices and issues of gender equality and gender justice have been curiously absent from the current debates around constitutional futures in Scotland.



Caroline Hood: Devolution, Independence and the Civil Service

Devolution created a constitutional difficulty for the civil service in Scotland – it irrevocably split the loyalties of Her Majesty’s civil servants.



Nick McKerrell: A New Scottish Constitution: Who Writes It and What's in It? A Slight Beginning

With the question now agreed for the Referendum, the Scottish Government published a plan on February 5th 2013 for what happens next – that is, between a Yes vote and the declaration of Independence in 2016.  Significantly this outlines the parameters of drawing up a written constitution, a process that will begin post-independence.



Jo Eric Khushal Murkens and Peter Jones: Salmond and Cameron Order a Dog's Dinner at the EU Cafe

Countries that are used to referendums on constitutional matters use them sparingly. The UK has no such constitutional requirement, but faces the possibility of having to deal with two such referendums within the space of a few years.



Aileen McHarg: The Referendum and the Role of the Electoral Commission

On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission published its much anticipated reports on the question to be asked in the 2014 independence referendum and on campaign spending limits.