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Entries for February 2014

Stephen Tierney: Why is Scottish Independence Unclear?

As commentators we seem to end many of our contributions to the independence debate with the rather unhelpful conclusion that much remains, and will continue to remain, uncertain; a state of affairs accentuated by recent comments on the prospect of currency union and EU membership. This must frustrate those hardy souls who read to the end of our blogs seeking enlightenment. Perhaps then we owe readers an explanation as to why it is so hard to offer a clear picture of how an independent Scotland will be brought about and what it would look like.



Neil Walker: Hijacking the Debate

Let me lay my cards on the table. I remain inclined to vote 'no' in September's referendum. I put it no stronger than 'inclined' in part  because I believe, in  the spirit of democracy - even democracy referendum-style - that those of us who have not signed the party pledge should keep an open mind as long as possible.



Christine Bell: Getting to Maybe: Currency, Debt and the Pre-negotiation of Independence

The UK government up until now has clearly stated that it is not going to ‘pre-negotiate’ the break up of the Union.  Yet today the UK Chancellor George Osborne, along with support from the Labour and Liberal Democratic parties, has ruled out in advance a currency union. 



Heather Green: The prisoner voting ban, ‘constitutional’ and Convention rights: Moohan, Gibson and Gillon, Petitioners

In Moohan, Gibson and Gillon, Petitioners [2013] CSOH 199 the Court of Session ruled on the legality of the blanket ban on voting by prisoners in the independence referendum, rejecting the challenge brought to it by three disenfranchised offenders serving lengthy sentences.