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Entries for April 2014

Stephen Thomson: Constitutional Codification in an Independent Scotland - Is It Really Necessary?

The stated ambition of the Scottish Government is for an independent Scotland to be regulated by a central constitutional text; a “written constitution”.  That was declared in its white paper of February 2013 ('Scotland's Future:  from the Referendum to Independence and a Written Constitution') and further elaborated in its white paper of November 2013 ('Scotland's Future:  Your Guide to an Independent Scotland').  The prevalent view seems to be that a constitutional code is necessary in the event of independence.  That is, however, an assumption, and one that I seek to challenge.



Stephen Tierney: Constituting Scotland: a Retreat from Politics?

The Scottish Government has recently announced its intention to introduce a draft Scottish Independence Bill into the Scottish Parliament which will set out an interim constitution for Scotland in the event of a Yes vote in September’s referendum. It will also describe the process by which a permanent written constitution will be drafted following the Scottish Parliament elections in 2016.