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Entries for May 2015

Heather Green: The Alistair Carmichael Election Petition: the Leak, the Lie and Legal Remedies

On Friday 29 May 2015, the last possible day for lodging an election petition following the May 7 general election, some electors from Orkney and Shetland commenced their legal challenge trying to unseat Alistair Carmichael MP.


Christine Bell: Human Rights Act Repeal and Devolution: Quick Points and Further Resources on Scotland and Northern Ireland

In the past few days repeal of the Human Rights Act, and in particular its devolution implications have attracted a lot of attention.  To-day a new report is launched from a legal expert seminar in April 2015, on the legal implications of repeal of the human rights act (see below).  The report provides the full chapter and verse, but here are a few quick points on the devolution implications, with further more detailed and reasoned resources below.


Chris McCorkindale: Echo Chamber: the 2015 General Election at Holyrood – a word on Sewel

In those heady pre-election days, when polls were king and a hung parliament seemed inevitable (a week, it seems, really is a long time in politics), there was much excited/exasperated (delete as appropriate) talk of a ‘progressive alliance’ of SNP, Green and Plaid Cymru MPs joining forces to support or to form a government with the Labour Party.