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Stephen Tierney: Scotland's Decision: Providing Voters with Impartial Information

The ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland project has published a book which seeks to provide voters with information that may help them in deciding how to vote on 18 September.

‘Scotland's Decision: 16 Questions to think about for the referendum on 18 September’ is aimed in particular at undecided voters. It takes 16 questions which are central to the debate and asks impartial observers to address these. It does not aim to provide definitive answers, or suggest which way to vote, but rather seeks to enable voters to judge better the arguments put by each side.

Among the many issues it covers, the book addresses: the economy in the event of a Yes vote; the currency arrangement for an independent Scotland; how long negotiations would take; assets and liabilities; if the vote is No, what powers might Scotland get; Scotland’s role in the world; an independent Scotland and the European Union; what the constitution of an independent Scotland might look like and how it would be made; social and welfare policy; immigration policy; pensions; whether or not independence would be good for business; and what independence would mean for the energy markets.

It is downloadable here and here as an e-book.

Stephen Tierney is Professor of Constitutional Theory at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law.  He is currently ESRC Senior Research Fellow under the Future of the UK and Scotland programme

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